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Walt & Mary Lynne Wood

Team Peru was founded by Walt and Mary Lynne Wood. The vision of the ministry can be summed up in 7 words “Strengthening Churches in the Andes and Peru”. Team Peru is a registered 501(c)(3) in Anchorage Alaska. Its purpose is to support the work in Peru through the Peruvian registered association called Andean Ministry Association of Peru (AMAPeru).

During a vacation in Peru in 1998, God touched the hearts of Walt and Mary Lynne for the Quechua people and led them, two months later, to leave jobs, ministry at Abbott Loop Community Church, now Unite Church, and their home in Anchorage Alaska. After language school, they returned to Peru in May 2000 with the vision of equipping and strengthening the Quechua Church in the Peruvian Andes through systematic Bible training in their heart language. Their team translated a Bible Institute called the International School of Ministry (ISOM) into the Quechua language and then helped to start Quechua Bible Institutes (QBI) all over the Andes. Over 18 years, through 2018, the ministry saw 1420 students in 77 schools, 424 of which received a certificate signifying three semesters completed and 303 receiving diplomas signifying five semesters completed.

In 2019 God appeared to be changing the focus of the ministry in Peru. The Woods are near the end in their pursuit of Peruvian citizenship to become dual US and Peruvian citizens. After 20 years of living and ministering in Peru, it is like home to them. Once this is obtained, they will take a long-delayed sabbatical in 2020, during which time they will sort out which of the many exciting ministry opportunities God placed in front of them in 2019 that they should pursue once returning to Peru after their sabbatical. These are exciting times.


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Jim & Tanya Person Family

Lee & Stacey Yarbrough

World Community Outreach

 Mexico – The Americas

Lee and Stacey Yarbrough were sent to Mexico from Anchorage, Alaska, in 1985.
They have been involved in church planting and leadership training for the past 30 years.
They have four boys: Ryan, Daniel, William and Matthew.

Our desire and vision is to see grace-filled, Christ-centered, vibrantly worshipping churches planted and established throughout North, Central, and South America.  Along with that, our vision is to see nationals equipped and trained to plant new churches and provide strength and leadership to existing churches.

Currently, there are 20+ churches in Mexico, varying in size and expression, in several of Mexico’s big cities, as well as several churches in the indigenous areas of the Pame, and Otomi communities.

There is also a church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, as well as emerging works in Lima, Peru. Lee and Stacey also work in Zambia and Ghana, as well as churches in Canada.

Mark Drake

We mentor leaders around the world, producing New Covenant materials by writing books, discipleship workbooks, and building a digital audio/video library.  We give away teaching materials to equip thousands of leaders in the poorest countries.