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India Mission

Dear church,
Thank you for praying for us. Keep praying for those suffering and pray for resources to become available here in India. God Bless you for your giving.

Walt & Mary Lynne Wood

Unite Church (Abbott Loop Community Church) sent Walt and Mary Lynne Wood out as missionaries to Peru in 1998. Their main vision was to provide Bible schools, primarily to the Quechua people in the Peruvian Andes, through a program called the International School of Ministry (ISOM).

Walt oversaw a Quechua team who translated the material into their native language. Once completed, the Peruvian association, AMAPeru, was able to provide Bible schools in Quechua churches in Ayacucho and the countryside. In the years that they have lived and ministered in Peru; 77 Quechua Bible schools operated with around 1,400 students. They also ministered in many other ways throughout Peru and beyond. 

Walt and Mary Lynne are now citizens of both the US and Peru. They gave the AMAPeruministry over to those they raised up, went through the pandemic in Peru and then completed their first sabbatical in 2022. They don’t consider themselves retired, just refocused.  

A question often asked of them is “What are your plans for the future?” They don’t feel God is calling them to start a brand-new program in their later years, but to continue being Kingdom builders using their unique gifts and graces until the Lord calls them home. This is an exciting new season for them.

At this point they don’t have a sense of where to put down permanent roots, but want to be available to follow where Holy Spirit leads. For the moment they are settled back into their apartment in Ayacucho, ministering in ways that come natural to them.

The Team Peru 501c3 has been closed. If you feel to support Walt and Mary Lynne with personal donations, please contact them through their e-mail address below to receive instruction on how to contribute.

Jim & Tanya Person Family

Mark Drake

We mentor leaders around the world, producing New Covenant materials by writing books, discipleship workbooks, and building a digital audio/video library.  We give away teaching materials to equip thousands of leaders in the poorest countries.

Leadership For Africa

To find out more or to support the Pratt’s ministry in Africa, contact Mike & Robin Pratt at the link below.