Heart for the Kingdom

Faith Commitment

Heart for the Kingdom

Make Your Faith Commitment Today

In order to complete the final phase of our Building Campaign our goal is to reach another $250,000 with Faith Commitments.

Select a card on Sunday and fill it out as a promise to faithfully commit for just 6 months (November 1st - May 1st)! Then just click the give button above. Be sure to select the ‘Heart for the Kingdom’ fund. Click here for more directions.

Don’t want to go digital? Use an offering envelope on Sunday and check the box: ‘Heart for the Kingdom’.


Let us time travel together for a minute…

Flashback to 2012 Alaska had an amazing RECORD BREAKING snowfall which broke more than records…it broke the roof of our building.
Flashback to 2013 We began to meet in our Gym. It was small, it took a bit to get used to but we came together, we made it work. We were still a church!
Flashback to 2017 We began to dream again. We started the Building Campaign. We started to believe God for the resources needed to make repairs and REBUILD!
Flashback to 2018 If you've lived on this Earth you might know that not EVERYTHING can go according to plan. Sometimes there are bumps and in 2018 we had to push pause on our building project.

All the phases we had mapped out, all the money we had invested had to stay put for a while.
Today Praise God, His heart is for the kingdom! We recieved a donation that allowed us to green light our building project!
Flash Forward Imagine a foyer where we can spread out again, imagine meeting in an auditorium again! Imagine the seats filled with people who may have never heard all that God has for them! Imagine MORE, imagine BIGGER opportunites to reach OUR ENTIRE CITY!

More than just an offering. It’s the future.

Disclaimer: Gifts given to ‘Heart for the Kingdom’ will be used for areas of expansion as directed by the elders.