Why Hang Outs exist

Hang Outs exist to provide care to every member: spirit, soul and body and to cultivate the core values of Unite Church by abiding in Christ, knowing one another and including the world.

How to sign up/join a Hang Out

Join a Hang Out for the opportunity to really know people in our community and be known by others! Join an existing Hang Out or discuss starting a new one. New groups will be starting up regularly.


Karen & Uwe Shaetze
6801 E. Tudor Rd.
For more information call:
(907) 301-9122

Jared & Bekah Sterkel
6236 Rose Hip Cir.
For more information call:
(406) 600-1630

Bryan Trygstad
11891 Cange St.
For more information call:
(907) 227-7334
This is a Men’s Only group


Jorah barber
4938 Barat Cir.
For more information call:
(907) 301-9122

Jeffery, Andy, and Hunter
2626 Abbott Rd. at the Hospitality House
For more information call Hunter
(907) 444-7263

Katy Strumpler
11741 Timberlane Drive
For more information call:
(907) 312-3152 

Ethan Darrell
3364 Seppala Drive Apt. B
For more information, email courageousdarrell@gmail.com

How to become a Hang Out leader

If you are interested in becoming a Hang Out leader, fill out the form and someone will get back to you soon.